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George Bernard Shaw's Pygmalion

Pygmalion 2
19. Nov. 2023
Pygmalion 1-2

In the evening of 17th November one E LK Q1 went to watch the classic play "Pygmalion" by George Bernard Shaw, adapted by White Horse Theatre and presented by the English Speakers's Circle Düsseldorf and VHS Düsseldorf.

The play is based on the original by Ovid and has been frequently adapted for the stage e.g. for the Broadway musical "My Fair Lady" in 1958.

Through elocution lessons, new dresses and lessons in manners, a simple flower girl is turned into a gentlewoman. It is a play about love and the English class system.

However, whereas there is a happy ending in the musical, the resolution was less Hollywood and more real life yesterday.

But since the spectators were an interesting mix of people, with some singular characters (an insta artist?) also watching the play, there was a lot of comic relief for the students, too though unintentional maybe 😉! 

Katrin Ortmayr