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UK/Brexit and the British Monarchy

Lecture UK
9. Feb. 2024

Today, on 6th Feb. 2024, lecturer John Boulton delivered a lecture on the topics: Brexit and the UK and its aftermath as well as the Britsh Monarchy and the role of the British King.

Since these topics are highly relevant for the upcoming A-levels in Q2, E LK Q1 learned a lot about the history of the EU, the UK's stance on and its reasons for Brexit and what the advantages and disadvantages of Brexit are. Mr. Boulton also mentioned the problems Brexit has caused in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. As a next step he focussed on the British Monarchy and Charles III. He outlined the role of the Monarch in Britain today and what the population thinks of the Monarchy. At the end the students were allowed to ask questions concerning the topics of the lecture as well as to address personal questions to our lecturer.

Hopefully this extra preparation will come in handy in the A-levels. Thanks a lot Mr. Boulton!

Kathrin Ortmayr