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Workshop "Desinformation" Stadtbibliothek Neuss

Fake News Workshop 31st January 2024
Fake News 1
9. Feb. 2024

Today in English History bilingual we took part in a workshop run by Stadtbibliothek Neuss to discuss Fake News/Desinformation, which will help us with our unit on Propaganda in Nazi Germany, too.
We started with a picture of the Pope in a white puffy coat which lots of people celebrated online but was a fake.
Then we were shown a website called correctiv.org which can help to identify wrong news and pictures.
Afterwards we did some groupwork on a podcast and reasearched technical terms concerning fake news, fearmongering, myths etc.
Another website called mimikarma.org was furthermore introduced to us which also uncovers false news and images.
AI can indeed produce random images and news and we do have to watch out and rather rely on our brains than our impulses and first impressions.

Maria Messner Torres, Franziska Block (Grade 10 E/Ge bilingual)

Fake News 2